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Small Scale Bio-gas Resources

Added 6/20/2010

   Biodigester Manual (English) 294KB

   Biodigester Manual (Spanish) 294KB

   Minnesota Project - Small Digesters 740KB

   NRAES Paper - Klaesi Digester  210KB

   NRAES Paper On-Farm Biogas Production  (1984) 3,684KB

  NRAES - Ag Digester designs - (1979)  3,571 kb

   Review of Anaerobic Digesters - Dr. Bill Lazarus (2008) 357 kb

   Use of Biogas for Tractors and Trucks (Feb 2008) 66kb

   Vietnam Digester PPS  2,745 kb
Items posted Dec 2007
Haugen PowerPoint Slides from 12/17/07 presentation    (660K PDF 2 slides/page)

    Chinese and Indian Digester Pics  39K PDF

    Oil Drum Biogas Digester with optional gas storage 14K PDF

    Philippine Digester 240K PDF

    Vietnam Plastic Tube Manual Biodigester 605K PDF

    Biodigester manual  305K PDF

    Floating Cover 32K PDF Photo

    Energy Content of Bio-gas various animals 39K PDF

    BTU Heat requirement table 16K PDF

    Generating Methane Gas from Manure 48K PDF

    Biogas Production from Common Livestock 16K PDF

    Ag Engineering Figures 1,2 & 3 164K PDF

    ATTRA anaerobic (Anaerobic Digestion of Animal Wastes: Factors to Consider) 568K PDF

    Biogas liquid fuels 164K PDF

    Rural Costa Rican Biodigester (Thomas Carmona) Website

    Biogas for Overseas Volunteers 123K PDF

    Colorado Biogas Basics 41K PDF

    Detailed 1980 Biogas trouble shooter  139K PDF

    Development Biogas for Small Scale Cattle Farm 158K PDF

    Digester Biogas Handbook 1,159K PDF (large file)

    Electrical Formulas for Power Consumption Calculations 22k PDF

    Generic Protocol for Digester Safety Walk-Through 44K PDF

    Horizontal Biogas Digester 130K PDF

    Low BTU Gen Set 24K PDF

    Anaerobic Digesters and Methane Production   951K PDF

    NRCS Biogas 34K PDF

    Purdue Biogas Basics 58K PDF

    Safety Walk - Through Final Version 2-12-07 Self-assessment 136K PDF

    Small Scale Biogas Plans 1.197K PDF (Large file)

    Small Scale Biogas Projects 456K PDF

    Sustainable Biogas 1997 60K PDF

    FAO biogas Doc 1.3Meg PDF

    Manure Gas Hazards - 116K PDF     Dec 2007 Newsletter of Wisconsin Conservation Engineering News

    PUXIN Small and Large Biogas Plant Plans (Chinese Firm Website) -

    PUXIN North American Source


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